the divine despair
I'm Hannah.
Welcome to my secret sanctuary.
Enjoy your stay.

summonerjolan said: patpat you’ll get the time, the resources are hard to get into though!!!

yeah ): i wish i could make redesign+ cait but idk if dats possible anytime soon

summonerjolan said: sigh I love seeing you draw something ;3; You still into cosplay?

thanks c: i’d like to still cosplay, but at the moment i’m out of time and resources ):

ketherly said: You draw so fast @___@ I’d spend like 1 hour on a cheek shadow ahhh you’re the best <3

aaa thanks :D i just got back to painting and im still getting the hang of it, so i stall quite often D:

thanks for watching!

redesign+ ashe is now live!

is it time for a stream??

more wip


after you left

i was at a loss for words

until i woke up one day and realized

you have taken them with you


((New Caitlyn splash on the PBE. Source))