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  • something tells me im not welcome here

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  • maybe i cud do gw2 commissions?

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  • Facts about me.


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    Name: hannah

    Nicknames: dee, dessie, divine, deedee, deedadee, dadee, d, indeed, hannah, DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Birthday: 15 may 1992

    Gender: female 

    Sexuality: i like humans thx

    Height: nope

    Timezone: GMT +8

    What time and date is it here?: there seems to be some sort of light from outside so im guessing it’s daytime

    Average hours of sleep: i think it’s around 20 mins to 60 hrs

    Last thing I Googled: shopping mall map design

    Most used phrase: ROFL HAHAHAHA

    First word that comes to mind: wololo

    What I last said to a family member: can i eat all of these

    One place that makes me happy and why: in front of this pc so i can do all sorts of stuff like nothing

    How many blankets do I sleep under: what blanket

    Favourite beverage: green tea

    Three things I can’t live without: food water and oxygen

    Something I plan to learn: how to speak dog

    Advice to my followers: wat is tumblr

    You all have to listen to this song: this speaks to me at a spiritual level

    And now tag 10 people:

    flyny I CHOOSE U


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  • Irelia from League of Legends ~ by hannah 515

    some old art

    (via pon-this-way-deactivated2014090)

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  • gyazugaz:

    Goth Annie Splash art inspired shot

    Cosplay by: me, Gyazu

    Shot and manipulation by ImagoVisPh / Johann Lim

    i just love this too much

    she does amazing league cosplay and you should follow her now.

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  • o cool i finally changed my blog’s layout

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  • eager-errantry asked : i love your art. i absolutely love it. there is no other artist i've seen who has a style quite like yours. i'm sorry to hear that you no longer find happiness in your art. if it means anything, i'm sure there are many people, including myself, who found happiness through your art though. i would always get excited when i saw a new artwork made by you, league related or not. regardless of whether or not you draw again, i hope you can find happiness (: good luck! and know that you are appreciated

    i’ve been trying to get back at it but i always can’t seem to finish anything anymore. it’s been quite a struggle. i’ve been constantly losing motivation and drive to continue painting. my mind is a mess, and i can’t paint what i think about anymore. everything has been really hard to understand and form into images. it’s like my mind is constantly screaming at me, telling me to do it, but i couldn’t. i really just couldn’t. i felt lifeless.

    but thank you. i am glad that people still find joy in my work, even if at times it seems so empty and bland. i really appreciate it. this means so much to me.

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  • to be really honest…



    It has been quite the while too, yes.

    I’ve always treated drawing as something that would distract me from reality. I enjoy drawing. The process, and especially the results. I do admit that I have a lot of insecurities with my art (especially my extensive stagnation and inconsistencies) but I loved it anyway. I treated my own art with great value. They were more than mere images to me. They had stories that only I could interpret. Stories within the process of making.

    I treated drawing as an outlet with the internal rage and despair filling inside me. I have no close friends around me. I kept this wall around myself.

    Then came the days that I finally got some recognition with my craft. I was delighted that my hobby finally took me somewhere that I can actually be proud of. 

    It felt new. I lived the life of an invisible being until those days.

    I felt motivated to keep on going, and keep on learning. It was a slow process, but I did not mind. In the core of it all, I did everything for myself. I wanted to exceed my limitations constantly, with the attention as just desserts.

    But then again, insecurities were never meant to leave me. They come often, and they come heavily. Some days would come that I would halt myself from art, then wait for my momentum to get back. At crucial days, I would force myself to draw, but end up with horrible results. It was a normal thing, and I just had to live with such a burden.

    But now, I feel that everything has become meaningless in my eyes.

    Sure, my art looks… Decent enough, but-

    They just feel so empty now. Irrelevant. Pointless.

    Perhaps my insecurities finally got the best of me.

    The reason why I quit.

    (via divinedespair)

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  • Thanks for watching!

    ( rofl sorry fot the odd inter-dimensional invasion and weird phonecall )

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